Jes Lee

My Birthday

I have been thinking of things to post here for quite a few days now. Many posts. They don’t make it past my brain though. But I thought I really needed to post something today.

Today, is my 28th Birthday. Not that numbers matter really. I have never been one that has been hooked on age and numbers like that. You are as old as you act, and I generally don’t usually feel or act my age!

But it is amazing when you stop for just a minute and think of the time in between the whole ‘being born’ and where you are at. I had an impromptu pool party with some of my family today, which was super fun, but reminded me a lot of just that. It has been quite the journey to here, and I’m looking forward to the rest. Onward!

Today it was also made official that we took the condo off the market. I got my keys back from the lock box, we breathed a sigh of relief, there are a few more things left out on our counter now, and we are going to buy paint. I don’t know how long we will really end up here, but here we are. There are far worse places to be. I don’t think I mind this so much right now.

Thank you to all my friends and family for all of the Birthday love :) You make me feel so special and I love each and everyone of you! I’m amazingly lucky to have such a crowd around me!

Now, I’m shutting off my laptop, grabbing my book, and waiting for my husband to get home to continue the Birthday adventuring!