Jes Lee

Farmer’s market trade

This summer I was lucky enough to have a chance to participate in a global Farmer’s Market trade organized by Siri over at the Transplanted Baker blog. It was so much fun!! I have been meaning to blog about this for awhile, but it has been hard to describe…

The task was to put into a box locally made items that to you symbolized where you lived, the essence of your little corner of the world, and send said box across the world to the address given to you by Siri. I had the chance to send a box to England (sending everything that reminds me of fall and the coming season – honey, dried apple slices…) and I received in return a box from England as well! We all worried about things breaking in transit, and while nothing broke in the box sent my way, a bit of something leaked (still not sure what!), but since none of the contents were destroyed, and everything was still enjoyable, I didn’t mind! I loved opening everything! The Elderflower Cordial is perhaps my absolute favorite, and I have been s-a-v-o-r-i-n-g every last drop and not really sharing any! I love the apricot and vanilla jam, and it seriously has me wanting to try my hand at making jams of my own this fall. It has given me something to aspire to!! Next was some wonderful lip balm (beeswax I believe) that has been just what my lips needed as the seasons have started changing here. A few little pink candies have perked up my spirits a bit over the last few weeks, and the roasted tomatoes are seriously the best I have ever tasted! The red hot pesto is delicious, and who doesn’t love a jar with a photo like that on it?! 

This was such a treat to participate in! I am already planning what I can send in a box next year!