Jes Lee

Film is a harsh mistress

And today it is leaving me bummed that out of all the instant portraits I took on Saturday, the shots that didn’t turn out were all shots of my husband. It is frustrating, and hard to remember sometimes that this happens with all film, not just instant, and that in a strange way this is why I shoot film, because it is fickle and not perfect, and more unique. But there are times it is disappointing. Anyway, I’ll be posting more instant film shots here and on Flickr later today, and in the mean time, I think maybe it is time for me to take a medium format camera with me today.

Always a couple of steps behind

Sometimes I go for so long without writing in this little blog that I don’t even really know where to start.

June 4th, Minneapolis and St. Paul turned the cities into one huge overnight art festival. It was amazing! There was so much going on! I volunteered at MCBA helping to print 2000 copies of the book that is part of Amanda Lovelee’s Call and Answer project. It was so amazing to be a part of this! My dad made 6 pies at the restaurant to donate to the ‘hold a stranger’s hand, get a piece of pie’ part of the evening. I printed until 1am. After hanging around and drinking coffee for a bit, John and I headed over to the Walker to see a few of the events that were going on there. I was amazed at how many people were still out into the wee hours of the morning! We had tacos with a friend at 3 am, explored the Exposed photography exhibit, and finally headed home around 4am. I was completely exhausted, but so full of happiness seeing how important the arts are to this area. I am so happy and so lucky to live here. That night, I think, was a true test of the twin cities devotion to the arts. Art centers can plan events whether they are during the day, or all night long. That is nothing new. It is something that art centers are constantly doing to promote their cause and their local artists. Local artists volunteer for these events, whether they are during the day or over night. This isn’t new either – it is what we do to support our local art centers. What is amazing, what this festival was truly a test of, was the patrons. It is easy for people to come to a daytime event. It is even pretty easy for them to stay out late for one night (until 11pm or even midnight) but to see that many people still out until sunrise, celebrating the art community here…it was awesome.

In the mean time, I’ve been busy with photo shoots, new projects, upcoming shows, and with the little bunny that is inhabiting our condo with us. I have been continuing working in my visual journal. It has been fun, and a bit relaxing actually. It is making me print more of my photos to put in the pages, as well as trying out some media that I don’t normally use (like drawing materials and watercolor). 

I spent a bit of time today photographing books at MCBA – seriously, that is such a fun job to have! I get to actually touch the books that are on display and look through them, finding the best page spreads to photograph. I’m thinking that doing this, along with this page design course, will finally be enough to get my butt moving on making a few of my own little books. Stay tuned for that. 

In my errands today after the photo shoot, I started picking up frames for the next show I’m in (!) and I also picked up a bottle of fountain pen ink. I don’t know why, but something made me want to try writing with one again today. It’s quite fun, and I really like how it writes. So far, my hands aren’t too badly ink stained either! 

Anyway, here is the photo catch up for now:

Cell phone 365 #53

Instant 365 #53
I also made a really awesome transparency from this image. I’ll post the results of that sometime soon.

Cell phone 365 #54

Instant 365 #54

Cell phone 365 #55

Instant 365 #55

Cell phone 365 #56
(taken while at a friend’s wedding reception)

Instant 365 #56

Cell phone 365 #57

Until next time,