Jes Lee

Certain days just feel so completely….Monday

Today did not start out as something I would describe as a “Monday”. Today (a Monday in fact) became a day I would describe as a “Monday” around 2:30 when a series of unfortunate circumstances led me to trying desperately to make it to my favorite Monday afternoon yoga class on time. My car died on the way to that class. I do not have many photographs on interesting and beautiful things from today. But I do have one more photo taken from the drivers seat of my car as my dad tows it behind his truck. (In case you are curious, I do in fact have a collection of these photos.)

These things happen. It will all get sorted out eventually.

In other Monday news, the pile of printed pages of my book is slowly gaining on the pile of unprinted pages. Almost equal…..


Here’s to long weekends…

…that end with a little time on a calm lake. I don’t remember the water being this high for quite awhile. All of our usual picnic sandy beaches are deep under water right now. We improvised with a floating picnic this time.

Tomorrow I will be back to book printing. It was nice to spend some weekend time away from projects though. I believe I needed that.



I can’t show you how pink the sky and clouds looked this evening as we drove home, me on the scooter, John on his motorcycle. I can’t show you how the city lights looked from the bridge at twilight. I can’t show you how the road sped past us, or how the fields and old barns looked. I can’t show you any of those moments, because there were no photographs right then, only me being present. (Also I really can’t drive and take a photo….especially while driving a scooter) Some bits are meant to be photographed, and others only lived.

Photo walks

Best parts of today:

I had to pick John up from work today. I arrived early…but just happened to have my Hasselblad in my bag with me. I enjoyed a short photo walk along the river while I waited for him.

After a trip to the Farmer’s Market, I spent time making pottery with my dad. I created a new pitcher today. It reminds me of the saki pitchers we saw in Japan.