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Catch up on my instant 365 project

My instant photo 365 is a challenge. There are days when I take an image, realize it isn’t going to work, and have to stop for the day because the conditions won’t change and I don’t want to waste the film. Some of these kind of crummy shots will still get used somewhere else, in a layer for another image, or just as a book mark. I’ll post a few of the crummy ones because right now it is showing that I am learning how to use some new films, and a new camera, but after awhile, I won’t post them, just a little note about that day.

Here we go!

Instant photo #7


Our living room window is one of my favorite parts of this little place we live in.

Instant photo #8


This one didn’t come out at all because it was too late at night and too dark. The blue and green and the texture are cool though, and they will look great as a layer in one of my compilation images.
Instant photo #9


I’m learning the limits of the new TIP 680 film and low light…

Instant photo #10


My tulips are starting to pop up! Also, I like using the old Chocolate film in my Land Camera.

Instant photo #11


Who doesn’t love the spoon and cherry at The Walker? :)

Instant photo #12
This one was really dark and murky. I was testing the low light capabilities of my Land Camera and discovering that it really depends on the film that is in it. I don’t feel like posting it, but it does exist.

Instant photo #13


The Vandercook I was printing on most of the day.

Instant photo #14


Getting ready for spring

Instant photo #15


My moons that hang by our door to our deck.
Instant photo #16


I met John for dinner before he had to go to an afterwork meeting. The wait staff really liked my camera ;)

Instant photo #17


That feeling of laying on the floor, listening to music, and staring up at the ceiling.

Instant photo #18


It snowed last night. The only good thing about it was that the trees were very pretty this morning. It seems like all the snow is gone now.

Until next time,

A catch up on photos

Today it was almost a relief to snuggle up in my chair in front of my computer and get down to business checking projects off of my to-do list. 

Saturday I volunteered for an event called ‘Making Memories’ (This was all I could find about it on the web: though hopefully there will be more posted soon!) There were four photographers total, and many other volunteers, and together we did family photo sessions for about 75 families that can’t afford family photos. My mom came with to help me out, and together we worked with 9 different families. It was pretty amazing! Now on to processing all of those photos and getting them back to the families.

Since I had all of my photo equipment jammed in the trunk of my car this weekend, I also set up a little photo studio at my parent’s restaurant and did family photos for one of our cooks. You can tell it is spring when the family photo sessions start up again!

I have kept up so far on both of my 365 photo projects, and honestly, they are helping me keep my sanity when most of what I’m doing is digital processing right now. Without further ado, here is my weekend in photos:

Cell phone self portrait day #5

I have an Android Nexus 1 phone, and the best photo app I have found by far is a little app called Vignette. It has a lot of film type effects, and is just generally fun. The best is that you can set it to random and be completely surprised by the effects that come out…hence, smurf Jes. I kind of like it though, so it’s staying in my project.

Cell phone self portrait #6
Self portraits don’t always include your face.

Cell phone photo #7
Me, today, in my computer chair, wearing my ‘I believe in peace bitch’ t-shirt purchased at a Tori Amos concert. It was a good shirt for today.

Instant photo day 4
On Saturday we had to stop at the State Fair Grounds to pick up some fliers for Crafstravaganza. We drove around a bit so I could find something to take a photo of. I love the All You Can Drink Milk booth, mostly because my mom used to work there when it was 5¢ for all you could drink. 

Instant photo day 5
One of my favorite signs of spring is when we are driving in my husband’s car and it is warm enough to open the sun roof. Sunday was the first day we were riding together when it was open. I took this through said sunroof as we were driving down our street.

Instant photo day 6
The clouds were kind of amazing today – so I stepped out on the deck and took this looking up.

These 3 instant photos are taken with the new color film from The Impossible Project. I love it! 

Until next time,