Jes Lee

Day 12

Today seemed kind-of scattered. That isn’t necssarily a bad thing, it just means that there is a lot going through my head.

I have figured out that when that happens, the best thing to do is just pick a handful of images that stand out to me for whatever reason and start working with them. Everything needs to be cropped and color corrected before it can be added to whatever part of this project it will fit into.

So here are some of the images that stuck out to me tonight. I’m sure you will see them again somewhere soon.

Most of these were taken in Japan with my Mamiya C330 camera.

At a train station in Japan at night

A train station in Japan at night.

Train leaving the station somewhere in Japan.  Taken with a Mamiya C330 using color slide film.  April 2009.

Train leaving the station.

Sakura lights along the street in Narita.  Taken with a Mamiya C330 with Ilford black and white film.  April 2009.


Street on Zamimi island.  Taken with a Mamiya C330 with Ilford Black and White film.  March 2009

A street on Zamimi Island near Okinawa.

Alley in Osaka.  Taken with a Mamiya C330 loaded up with slide film.  April 2009.

An alley in Osaka.

Tokyo at twilight  Taken with a Mamiya C330 with slide film.  April 2009.

Tokyo street.


This image I took today while I was out for a bike ride. Taken with a Polaroid Spirit instamatic 600 camera using expired 600 film.

Phone wires in my neighborhood.  Taken with a Polaroid Spirit camera with expired 600 film.  September 2009.


We’ll see what I find tomorrow.



Day 11

It usually takes me quite awhile to finish a compilation image. One image is very very rarely created and completed in one sitting. Often, I start one, leave it alone for awhile, let it breath, tweak a few things, step away again, and let it tell me where it needs to go.

Of course, they all have to start somewhere.

I had some time tonight to start a new compilation image.

This is just the start of this. It has a long way to go before I consider it finished.

This is a work in progress. It is a compilation of 3 polaroid images.  All images were taken with a Hasselblad 501c/m using a Polaroid back.  September 2009.

So far, it is made of 3 images:

Winona Train Tracks

Lock and Dam #5

and Flowers.

By the time it is finished, it could be completly different. For now, this is how it exists.

I’m sure you will see it again sometime soon!


Day 10

It has been a long, but wonderful weekend. Packed full of revelations, and findings. There are not many times you can say that about a weekend.

Friday night John and I went to an art show opening at MCBA. Their current exhibit features work from many many artists, and is leading to a publication that will include those artists plus many more. The deadline for the publication has not passed yet, and I am planning in participating. My entry will be something like this:

A compilation portrait.  <br> Composed of two Polaroid images and one black and white image taken with a Hasselblad 501c camera. <br> Work-in-progress. <br> Still untitled.

Printed on the image with an old iron hand press will be:

He wasn’t stealing information exactly,

He was just borrowing data.

1’s and 0’s from others here

and stringing them together to  make a new person

someone she might open up to.


On Sunday we went for a long walk, finding a path we never knew about before, and one that I hadn’t walked for around 10 years or so.

The one I hadn’t walked for 10 years was surprisingly a lot like the way I had left it. It was a place shown to me by a friend a long time ago, and was once-upon-a-time a backdrop for many self portrait projects while I was in college. It is hidden back in St. Paul quite a ways away from most of the places everyone here knows. I can’t even give very good directions to get there. I have tried to find it again a couple of times before, but I was never able to. On Sunday, things fell into place, and for some reason, I was allowed to find it again. The images are a little dark. Both are Polaroids, and, well, these things happen with polaroids sometimes. But I think, that there is also a certain feel to them, and that feeling is reflected in the place. I guess what I’m trying to say is no, they are not my best images, but they captured what I was feeling and what I wanted to take back from that place and sometimes, that is what you are looking for more than a perfect image.

The falls at HIdden Falls in St. Paul   Taken with a Hasselblad 501c/m using a Polaroid back loaded up with Silk 125i pack film.  August 2009.

The stone staircase at Hidden Falls in St. Paul near the Mississippi River and the Ford plant.  Taken with a Hasselblad 501 c/m using a Polaroid back loaded up with Chololate 100 pack film.  August 2009

j:Are you still there?

q:That’s a dumb question…

you know i am always here.


j:hello? is anyone here?

q:i am

j:who are you?

q:does it really matter who i am?

j:what are you?

q:that doesn’t really matter either.

j:where are you from?



It was a good weekend. On to the week.