Jes Lee

In my head

I admit it has gotten a bit quiet again around my blog.

I haven’t gone anywhere. I have just been working hard on my project, which has included a lot of non-visual not-very-exciting prep work, but things are moving a long smoothly. I have done a lot of research and writing as well.

I admit that I have also been sucked into a really good book and I have often been spending every quiet¬†moment reading “just one more page” instead of updating things here. I’m not apologizing for that though! Perhaps I will post a little book review of it here later, just to make up for being quiet ;)

Things in my personal world have been a bit whirl-wind-ish lately as well, which is really nothing new. That always tends to make me a bit more introspective and into journaling more than blog posting. Ho hum. Enough excuses.

We are having a gorgeous snow storm today! The kind that makes you want to curl up and read from a warm couch where you can watch the flakes swirl down! The kind that makes you start planning skiing and outdoor wintery activities later in the week. The kind that makes you start clearing schedules….

…..or is that just me?

Maybe I’ll be inspired to post some snow photos later. For now, I’ll be here, reading and sketching and daydreaming.

2013-03-03 21.34.05

Catching up with my inspiration

I had my eyes checked this morning, and I’m happy to report that my prescription hasn’t changed since about 2008. All I need to do now is look for a pair of prescription sunglasses and I’ll be on my way, thank you very much. And thanks to the assistants at the clinic today, my glasses are actually clean. Something I forget constantly to do. Seriously, some days I think I need a keeper!

I have been continuing to print pages for books for my show, researching geo locations of places I have been (which only makes me want to go more places) and trying to edit everything down to a semi reasonable amount of work.

This week I have also managed to sell a camera, and get an application for a very cool program turned in on time.

In between all of that, I finished reading a biography – Dorothea Lange: A Life Beyond Limits. I honestly started the book quite some time ago, but had to put it down for awhile. It is a very intense book, and very descriptive of what was going on in the world while she was a live and photographing. It is of couse, quite intense, like I think any artist biography is. But, it is very inspiring as well. She worked hard and she gave up a lot to do the work that she believed was important. She never stopped learning, and never stopped trying to make her work better, never gave up. Never gave up working really. When she wasn’t physically able to work, she was still planning, still seeing. Because of this, she wasn’t always maybe the easiest person to be around, but she did what she did because she was drawn to that life. I understand that feeling.

2013-01-31 14.02.26


And the weekend comes to an end (Website re-design coming soon!)

It has been an up and down weekend filled with waitressing shifts, a family photo shoot, quite a bit of time spent on the couch processing photos and re-designing my website, and ending with a trip through The Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement. Whew! I am steadily working on getting artwork done for all of the upcoming shows. I think I am more organized this time than I ever have been. I’m hoping that continues! I admit I was in a bit of a funk for the first half of today, missing friends and feeling overwhelmed. A few Facebook messages and a visit from a couple of friends while I was at work made things seem much better. I’m ready to take on another day tomorrow! I have been working with my *webmaster* to re-design my website a bit. You may notice a few changes here and there. More are on the way though! (Hopefully soon!)

I’m off to bed with the steampunk novel I’m hooked on. Until next time,