Jes Lee

The last bits of May

May has been one of the busiest months this year. It has been a lot of fun though. There is one more art festival left! I will be at Johnstock sharing a booth with my dad – Jes Lee Studios and Dad and Kiddo Pottery. I hope you can stop by!

Today I drop off artwork that will be sent to the MacRostie art center in Grand Rapids where I will be next weekend for the opening. I think June has the potential to be just as busy with art shows, but I am looking forward to it.

I plan to have new journals listed for sale on my Etsy site later today! For now, there is new pottery listed on our pottery Etsy site:

Last week I celebrated 10 years married to my amazing husband, John. It has been 10 years since our second wedding. He keeps me grounded, and lets me dream and somehow always seems to know exactly what I need. We had a great day of celebrating. <3

This past holiday weekend was filled with photo jobs, visiting friends, many good byes, and catching up on all the housework that waited for us through the busy beginning of this month. We did take time for a nice easy 10 mile bike ride yesterday evening. I brought my camera with, and enjoyed some photo time for myself.

Everything is in bloom now, and even though it is driving my allergies crazy, I love all the colors!

2014-05-25 10.52.35 2014-05-25 10.51.38 2014-05-25 10.51.17

The number of applications due this week is a little ridiculous, so you might not hear from me for a few days! Know that I have my head down working hard.

Until next time,