Jes Lee

It is the little things

It is always the little things. The tiny bits that add up to big bits, snowflakes that add into snowballs and avalanches.

All of the good bits, and the less spectacular bits as well.

I have still been going on my #100daysofhappiness journal project. It helps me focus on all of the good bits. Some days have been full of them, and my journal entry seems like an endless list of great little memories. Other days haven’t been as full of the good things, but because of this project I go to bed at night remembering at least one good thing from the day.

Balance is hard. Yoga reminded me of that today. We did something a little unusual and did a balance pose pretty early on in today’s practice. Balance poses take concentration, strength, and focus. I admit I was a little thrown off, and quite unsteady at first. Annie said “don’t think about it, just do it, find your point to focus on, and breathe…” or something very similar in her yogi wisdom. So I did. And I balanced. And I realize that all of that runs very parallel to life, and how much better I do when I just stop over planning, over thinking, shut up and focus and breathe. So, I’m shutting up about all of it now. I have my bits to focus on. I can breathe.

So far this week, my job and artwork balance that have seemed to be a constant struggle since starting this job in August, are maybe just a tiny bit easier. I have had a couple of very productive days in very important-to-me ways. I even printed for a short little time at MCBA on Monday, which is something I have wanted to do for a long, long time.


John was the sweetest ever to me, and took me out to spend a little money on Christmas lights for our house. We hung them up together Monday night, after decorating our little tree on Sunday, and I couldn’t be happier. I always wanted to be able to decorate a house with twinkle lights, and we finally did.


I have more plans of important-to-me-to-have-happen productivity this week, and some plans already taking shape with some great friends this weekend.

I’m happy and content right now. And when I need to find my balance today, I can focus on that.


Prints 15

Today was a massive day of printing. I finished 6 runs…and the end of the hashtag words in the book. Still to come is the map, title page, and colophon, but this, today, was a huge accomplishment.












I also started a new class at MCBA tonight, that is so amazing, it deserves way more than just a little mention here. Much more to come on that.

Tomorrow begins the month of August, typically true summer weather, and a new journal challenge I decided to try participating in. I am trying to squeeze every creative moment I can out of this summer. It some how never feels like enough though….. I am still working that out.

Prints 13

I know my printing time has been gradually decreasing over the last week. Each color run I finish completed the hashtags for one more page, meaning each run I do there are 32 pages less to print on than the time before. Today was the first day I really noticed that it was taking me less time to print. I finished two color runs in only 3 1/2 hours. I still have 8 more color runs, plus a large run for the map, and three short runs for the colophon, and title page. I am making up the colors as I go.






Prints 10

I managed to squeeze in two word runs instead of only one. Both were runs that had multiple words switching between pages, requiring a lot of organization. I am a bit uncertain about the blue color I mixed yesterday. I hope I feel better about it today when I see it again. I am actually getting very close to the halfway point of printing. Of course a couple of other large deadlines are creeping up on me…closer than I would like to admit. But I do keep making progress, and that is what counts!









Prints 7

It was a big day in many ways. Of course it was another printing day, with one more word and one more color pressed onto pages. I also got to help take apart the press and clean her up! You never know what you will get to do during open studio hours at MCBA! All of this was followed by a beautiful bike ride home. Wash, rinse, repeat tomorrow.


Prints 6

I admit it. I skipped yoga class today to print more. But I managed to get two runs done instead of only one. Two colors instead of one. One single word run, and one run made up of three words. It felt good to make that much progress!

Another day of printing tomorrow, and monitoring the screen printing studio tomorrow night. I love being at MCBA as much as I am right now!







Prints 5

I finished the fifth hash tag print run today! Now if I could only find where I last put my keys, everything would be awesome….



I have also made it to yoga four times this week. That is a record for me! And one more thing I would like to keep up with…