Senior photo session in the snow!

During my very long stretch of very infrequent blogging, I had so many fun portrait sessions. I have felt so bad for not sharing these on the blog!

Late last spring I was working with Victoria on making plans for her senior photo session. She wanted photos in the snow, but we had gotten a late start on planning. Thankfully, we live in Minnesota, where more often than not there is a crazy late spring snow storm with pretty, wet snow that sticks to all the trees, and leaves the temps outside warm enough to be outside playing.





I am so glad I had a chance to work with her! We had a great time running around Silverwood Park finding great new places for photos!

I’m off to meet a friend for tea today. She is a very inspiring poet and visual journaler. I’m very excited to hang out with her today and hopefully get a head start on a new journaling practice I would like to start for 2014!


The McKinney family 2012

A few weeks ago I had a chance to do the McKinney family’s annual family photos. We met at Tamarack Nature Center in White Bear Lake. I do adore that park! There are so many trails to walk on, and the kids always seem to have fun! I love that I get to see this family each year and watch these kids grow up.











It is really hard to not laugh with these cuties around! They are always laughing and cracking jokes!

I am so grateful to have these people in my life!

Sampson’s portraits

A few weeks ago I had a chance to do a portrait session for a beautiful horse. There has always been a part of me that loves horses, and it was so amazing to have a chance to be so up close and personal to Sammie. This was so much fun! I hope there are more opportunities like this in my future!






(I know it is not proper to post a photo of the subject sticking their tongue out…similar to posting that photo of the toddler picking their nose or something…but this photo just made me giggle so much this week! I love it!)



Sneak peek: McKinney family photos 2012

Family photos in the fall can be so much fun!

Saturday I had a chance to catch up with the McKinney family again. I love watching these kids grow up! I have been doing family portraits for them since they were quite little. Since we usually meet in the fall, there of course has to be one photo of the kids playing in the leaves!


More of their photos to come soon!

Sneak peek: Sampson!

It is not every day that I get asked to do portraits of a horse, but I’m starting to wish that would happen more often!

Last Saturday I was up and out the door quite early for a photo shoot with this handsome guy:


Sampson (Sammie for short). He was sweet, and cooperative (with the promise of breakfast after). I learned a lot about horses and their behaviors and temperaments, boarding facilities, different ways to ride, and how much they love to eat grass. Sammie’s human, Tony, was very kind and willing to share his knowledge!

I sorted through photos from our session last night, and I am almost giddy to start working on them!

Best. Job. Ever.


Senior portraits

Last month I was asked to do a senior portrait shoot for two amazing young ladies! Jocelyn and Michele, best friends since 5th grade! We had a wonderful morning taking photos at a few of my very favorite locations and didn’t stop until afternoon!

These two were such a blast to work with! I wish them all the best as they pick colleges and finish their high school journey. I know they will both go far!












Family photos

Last month I did family photos for one of many favorite families! (Yes, I call all of the families I have a chance to photograph my favorites, but I mean it!!)

Jon and Emilie Rexeisen welcomed Luke in to their family this spring. We had a fun photo session to celebrate Luke’s 3 month birthday and to take a new family photo (with a few photos of his smiley sister Anna thrown in as well). Their family room turns into a photo studio quite nicely!