Jes Lee

Two rolls at once (365 project, day 125) and a bit of rambling

From yesterday

Yesterday I finished collecting and organizing camera gear for my photo shoot today a bit early and was rewarded with enough time to develop two rolls of black and white film before dinner. It is always a calming/grounding experience for me. Running water, familiar chemical smells, and the magic of seeing the images on the film for the first time. I have played with so many cameras lately. Each time I go out, I take a different one that the one I took before.

Today, is a photo-job day, and I will be out with my Canon Digital Rebel T2i. I do like that little camera, it is a work horse, and I just recently got an extra battery grip for it, which will only add to its usability. What do I have for a backup camera though? My trusty old Canon Rebel 35mm :) It is kind of funny. When I was shooting weddings, I had my 35mm with me as a back up for the first couple, because I only owned one digital SLR. Then I caught the ‘gear bug’ and had to have a second DSLR and bigger and better. After I quit weddings, I quickly realized that it doesn’t really matter, and I sold my largest DSLR and went back to just one, nice, get-the-job-done digital camera (along with loads of film cameras!) The thing is, I trust my DSLR to get the job done today, and I know how to use it to its fullest potential. And if something should happen, I trust my 35mm to finish the job. End of story.

Of course the thought of a large photo job today has me wishing I could just be back hiding in my darkroom listening to the clock tick and the water run. But, since that isn’t possible today, I’m letting myself relax and process a few new film photos to put up on Flickr before I have to leave.

At least the sun is out today. It will be a good day.