Jes Lee

Focus on breathing.

In yoga Annie teaches us that our only job is to breath. That is all we have to do. We breath and we move, and at the end of class when all of the moving is out, we are still. And still breathing.

Today I was very focused on moving. Getting from one place to another, marking things off of my checklist, focusing, doing, moving.

Partway through all of that, I was in the darkroom at MCBA, by myself, when I received a text from a friend. And for just a little while it seemed like everything stopped. I was hyper aware of so many feelings, aware of how many things had come to pass in a time span of just under one year. Of relationships changing, hurting, healing, watching a couple of people learn to walk again, and others come and go. An awkward dance at best. And then, I remembered to breath. And I realized that there was quite a bit of irony in hearing this news in the place I went to find myself as all of this was happening. The place I learned how to be me again. And all I have to do is breath, my only job.