10 years ago

yellow ribbon 1

10 years ago, today was a Thursday. It wasn’t snowing. It was a generally overcast February day. 10 years ago today, John left to go first to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, and then over seas to Iraq for an undetermined length of time. 10 years can really seem like a long time, because it seems like so long ago that we dealt with that, yet at times the memories are still quite fresh and familiar. I am grateful that today, celebrating the fact that he is home, and that today is so very different from 10 years ago. We celebrated all of this pretty quietly, with a few extra kisses, and a beer after dinner, but it is still important.

Today was one of the days I was working at my day job most of the day, so my daily count stats aren’t the greatest, but that’s ok!

Currently, I am enjoying spending my evening cutting out book pages, and listening to music with John. Celebrating 10 years.

Word count: 178

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yellow ribbon 1

Yellow Ribbon #1 from the Waiting Ribbons series