Crunch time

I was on a roll posting daily for a little while! … Ok, just a few days really.

Right now I am in what is commonly called ‘crunch time’. The time when deadlines are no longer just ‘coming fast’ but are actually knocking on your door and asking to be fed.

I have a lot of work ahead of me today, and since Mr. Fictitious Nonsense will be gone most of the evening at a meeting, I have the whole day to work. I’m hoping someone kindly reminds me to take a break to eat. (I really with Chipotle delivered!)

I will have a lot of prints for sale at the upcoming events! I have worked hard on this. There will be a fair amount new prints as well. Getting these new prints ready has taught me two things:

1. I really do have a favorite enlarger out of the 4 enlargers I have in my darkroom. It is the first enlarger I purchased when I was putting together my studio. It has a very nice, clean lens, is hooked up to the best darkroom timer I found (on of the large dial ones), and it is the perfect size for making the print sizes I usually make. Sadly, this favorite enlarger is waiting for a new light bulb at the moment. I think any of my other enlargers could become ‘second favorites’, but they do need a bit of tlc/upgrading to get there. I hope to work on that soon though!

2. I finally get what many people have said about running color film through a camera with a plastic lens. Wow! The color saturation is intense! Since I was not able to make many good black and white darkroom prints to add to my portfolio, I started going through some of the color images I have that I haven’t added to any compilations yet, looking for something different to add to my portfolio. I was a bit amazed at what I found, and I am looking forward to printing them today!

I have updated my ‘announcement‘ page with the new events that are coming up. Hopefully there will be more ‘new artwork!’ updates coming soon as well!

I have ideas for a couple of the ‘quickly upcoming exhibitions’ and will hopefully soon have a bit of time to try some of them out. In the mean time, I’ll just keep taking pictures :)