Today marks 25 days until I need to drop off my work for my next show.

My next solo show.

Just me.

No pressure….

Today, I am grateful that I have a studio day. On my task list is printing the prints for 5 new pieces. I finally decided on the sizes to print and frame them (after magically finding frame bars for two frames in the exact size I need hidden in my studio). I finally decided that the words I plan to letterpress on two of the pieces are ok and aren’t crap. Signing the exhibition contract for this show, and working on putting together my image list. 

Everything is becoming more final.

It is hard to blog at this point in the process. I feel like there are so many whiny voices in my head (“this isn’t good enough” “this won’t work”) and right now I would love to scream because my printer just screwed up a print and my paper supply is limited and I have to re-cut spine strips and book cloth for my books today. And I’m sure that doesn’t make for very interesting blog reading.

But here I am. This is where I’m at. 

Mr. Webmaster has been working on my website. It is almost to the point where I can update it and change things around again. In the mean time, I am learning to be patient.

There are many things I want to tell you about, and talk about here, but they will have to wait just a little while longer as well. 

For now, here are more photos I took at the Art Shanty Projects while helping at the Shantyquarian!  I finally managed to get my film photos scanned and posted. This weekend is the last! Go see them if you can!

Until next time,


I’ll be back soon.