Jes Lee

A smart title would go here

Today is a day I really wish I could just curl myself around my coffee cup and stay there. Not for any alarming reasons. Just because it is warm, and my brain feels full of clouds today.

The next exhibition of Pretend the World opens up this week. Today I am hanging my work at the Art Start gallery in St. Paul. Thursday night Kathryn Kysar will be reading her work, along with Philip S. Bryant. The events start at 7:00. There will be music, poetry, as well as the videos and artwork I created to go with Kathryn’s book.

I admit to being a little nervous about being the only artist with artwork hanging on the walls (this time feels different from the other solo shows I have been lucky enough to have) and being in charge of bringing the video equipment and setting everything up correctly, but I’m sure it will all happen some how.

Who is she?

Who is she? from Love Poem

There are so many amazing events coming up. From the MCBA Co-op show at the Anderson Center in May, to Craftstravaganza and the beginning of the art festival season, to so many other opportunities and events. It is wonderful, and crazy, and busy. I keep daydreaming as I work, thinking of what I want to try next. What my next project will include, what processes I want to try next.