New practices and warm thoughts

I don’t need to go into how cold it has been here lately. We all know it. We are all tired of it.

I can say that cold weather does interesting, not always good things to cameras. I am always careful, and I honestly baby a few of my cameras. If it is a really cold day, I usually won’t take my Hasselblad out. I usually try to bring a camera that would not be so tragic to lose in a cold-weather related accident, or one that would at least be cheaper/easier to have fixed if needed. That said, if you are careful and diligent, everything can work out just fine with taking a camera out in cold weather.

Instant film, does not like super cold weather. It can do very crazy things. Like this:

january 16 3 small


Honestly, I kind of like it still. It looks quite mysterious and ghostly, and the texture is great. But, not really the photo of the bridge to Nicolette Island at sunset I had planned!

I have called my recent time at home a residency. To me, it is a time to focus on my art, spend time experimenting, getting my work spaces set up in our new home, creating new work, and getting settled into a very new lifestyle to me. While not all of those things are accomplished in a typical residency, quite a few of them are. So, to me this is a long art residency where I can actually go to sleep in my own bed every night.

Last week, after my volunteer shift at the library, I decided to stick around and search through books for some creative inspiration. I did find a very inspiring little book deep in the stacks in among the Japanese Wood Block Print books that has changed my mind on how I will create and bind my next book. I also found a few books on writing and creativity in general. One such book, The Sound of Paper: Starting from Scratch by Julia Cameron offers many little exercises to kick-start creativity and get in touch with yourself. She suggests a practice called ‘morning pages’. The idea is to sit down every morning and fill three pages with writing. This can include journal type daily entries, rants, confessions, poetry, stories, anything that can be written. I started this practice last week, and it has honestly been amazing. I have generally written basic journal entries, but it has helped writing down my jumbles of thoughts every morning and getting them out of my way. I also write lists of things I would like to carry out during the day, ideas for projects, and ideas for how to solve problems I am having with projects. I admit that it does seem daunting some mornings. I am writing in a very large sketchbook and blank pages seem extra-large. But once I get going, the end of the three pages usually comes quick.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else she advises in her book!

Until next time,


‘List it Tuesday’ a bit belated

I still created a list for Artsyville’s ‘List it Tuesday’ feature, even though I haven’t had time to post it until now. Ironically, the list it subject this week was ‘small comforts’ and this week I found myself using almost all of the comforts on my list.


On Tuesday, sitting in my last of 3 meetings for the day, I realized I had many of those comforts with me. Ironic?

Markers, chocolate milk, fancy pen, Nerds, need I say more??

Tonight, after a long day of waitressing, and setting up for and manning the booth at our last holiday art/craft festival of the year, I would add these things to my list:

– my sweetie making a BLT sandwich for me when I come home, no matter how late I am
– having a beer with said BLT’s
– having someone really like my artwork that doesn’t always sell at these festivals (we always sell the pottery, and I’m all for that! I love that people enjoy that! But it is really cool when someone loves my photographs as well…)
– having friends stop by a festival to say hi…they don’t have to buy anything! Just seeing a friendly face that isn’t judging my display/vision/pricing/packaging is awesome and I appreciate all who stop by! (Or send me friendly little text messages/online messages when they can’t make it!)
– having time at the booth to talk with my mom and dad when they are there to help. Seriously, it feels like it isn’t often I get to talk to them outside of the restaurant they own!
– how soft and fluffy my bed feels at the end of the day, especially when I know that alarm will be all too early in the morning….

Good night! Hopefully I’ll be blogging a bit more frequently next week!

Our booth at No Coast Craft -O- Rama!

Reverse bucket list

I participated in Artsyville’s List it Tuesday again. I’m having a lot of fun with these weekly challenges! This week’s list theme is ‘Been there done that’…kind of a reverse bucket list. It was quite fun thinking of different things I have already done or places I’ve already gone….so much so that I filled up two notebook pages. I have also discovered I like writing on color filled paper, and I have an overwhelming desire to categorize and title my lists……just a little OCD I guess ;)