Jes Lee

A list of sorts

Things I have learned:

  1. I am enjoying listening to the audio book ‘The Art of Asking’ by Amanda Palmer much more than I ever thought I would. I have enjoyed her music for a long time, gone to her concerts when I could, and followed along on Twitter and everything else. For many insignificant reasons, I stopped following not very long ago. This book came through a list of suggested audio books available through my library’s website, and I decided to give it a try. It has been amazing to listen to, and today, I find myself following her again on social media.
  2. Meditation is really good for me. It has taught me a lot about myself already. I do very well with guided meditation in my yoga classes, but I am working on meditating alone as well.
  3. I love traveling.
  4. The act of traveling, being sick, going back to work without feeling 100%, and still trying to be creative, makes me more of an introvert than I usually am. Which is why I do not have more photos from our last amazing trip up here yet…but they will be coming soon.
  5. My favorite thing currently is when John and I have both gotten sucked into really good books, and go to bed a little earlier on the weekends just so we can lay in bed together and read.
  6. I successfully developed three rolls of slide film at home and did not blow anything up and I’m pretty sure I could try this again with the same results.
  7. John and I have started planning a pretty major house project together and it has become this wonderful blend of his ideas and my ideas and we are both excited to start it. We have done projects together in the past, but this somehow feels like the most collaborative one yet. I have learned a lot already from it, and I am paying close attention, knowing I will learn so much more by the time it is done.

It will be a busy week, filled with a few art related things happening, as well as work and home things. I will have much more to blog about next week!

My new photo-a-day project is still happening – I have not missed a day yet! I will share photos from that soon. I just developed the first roll of film from it today (see list item #6)!

I will leave you with this:

black and white 11 small

Statistics for Sunday, February 26th

Number of rolls of film shot: 1.5 rolls of medium format, 2.5 rolls of 35mm (and 4 iPhone photos)
Number of waterfalls walked behind: 1
Number of hours spent on an intense photo hike: 1
Number of bunnies in this room not at all interested in the Oscars: 1

Statistics for Saturday, February 25th


Number of rolls of film taken today: 3 rolls of 35mm.
Number of cameras carried by me: 2
Number of thrift stores shopped at: 3
Number of boutiques shopped at: 3
Number of times an event or something said by the Mr. that sounded like it was right out of ‘Zero History’ by William Gibson: 3
Number of prints sold thanks to Twitter: 1!
Percentage of the chance that I will skip the skinny jeans trend and stick with tall socks, skirts, and layers? 90%
Number of bunnies annoyed that their blankets were washed this evening: 1.