Jes Lee

A better week

It really has been. Not that last week, or the weekend were particularly bad. It has just been better.

Last weekend had been hard. Not bad, not busy, just hard for a bunch of small, stupid, mostly self inflicted reasons that aren’t important. The point is, by the time Monday morning came around I was a tightly wound ball of frustration. In a little Internet hissy fit I posted to Twitter that I had high hopes for my morning coffee, and that I wanted to hide and just make art.

It wasn’t long before my phone jingles that I had a response. A tweet back from a friend saying simply:

@Moonsweetie Allow me to be the angel on your shoulder that says: Do it! #ArtistsGottaArt

I cried. Sobbed really, but with relief, not sadness. After a short bit I pulled myself back together and thought that maybe if I reacted like that to that statement of permission from a friend, then maybe I really did need some time like that. Time to do what I needed to do without so many distractions.

I posted back a thank you, and did something I don’t normally do. I sat down at my laptop to work, in a little nest made on the couch with my thumb drives and wacom tablet near by, and I closed my email, twitter, Facebook, and even my chat program off. I usually chat with friends all day while I am working, and I do admit I missed that time with them. But, in a way it was also so amazing to have this time free of everything else! I still had my phone on, and still checked twitter occasionally while I was thinking (or waiting for photoshop), but for the most part, I was just doing art for that large chunk of time. And you know what? It was amazing! I fixed two images that were just never quite right, I created four new images that I think are off to a good start, I created a page layout and found a font for the book I’m making, and updated images on my website. When I finally resurfaced late afternoon, I couldn’t believe how much I had accomplished.

I think I need to give myself permission to do that a bit more often.

I hope those that I usually chat with during the day understand why I may be absent a bit more. I love being connected to friends all day, but some days, artists just gotta art.

It was a great start to the week, and it made many other days seem pretty great as well.

Until next time,

Just another day

It has been a full week already, but not in a bad way.

Cory, the guy who runs not only sells awesome cameras (I own one! More photos from that camera coming soon), but he’s also a bit of a twitter celebrity in the instant film community, and gives us all sorts of advice on fixing broken Polaroid cameras. He pointed me to a website with instructions on how to fix my Sx-70, I showed them to my dad, and together we fixed it! It works perfect now! I’m so excited! Just in time to try out the new film from The Impossible Project!


In other news, I finished the photos from Kathryn Kysar’s book launch party (

After a full studio day, we headed over to MCBA  – there were quite a few events going on, including a book arts trunk show, a book launch reception, and a few members of the Co-op showing off what they were working on. I love talking with the artists there. They have the ability to gently kick your butt when you are slacking and they know you need it, they are willing to talk about what they do, and how they did it, without acting like you are their competition, and every time I leave there with so many new ideas in my head. I am seriously trying to re-work my sleep schedule a bit so I can be there later in the evening more often…that’s when all the fun happens!

I have started a few little photo projects to get myself working on something creative again. Right now a lot of my time is filled with photo processing, and getting things ready for the art festivals. I need something to keep me creative. 

One project is a little 365 cell-phone-self-portrait project. I stole the idea from Cate Vermeland – I have admired her work since my beginning darkroom days in college. She did a 365 self portrait project in film in the 80s, and was just talking to me recently about starting one using her cell phone camera. I have to try it too. She has kept up on the 365 photo projects for so many years. It is inspiring! And I’m giving it another go. Also, I’m planning on getting my hair cut quite a bit shorter this week, so it will be fun to see the change!

Day 1
Day 2

The next little project I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep it up very well, but I am so excited to have my Sx-70 fixed, that I wanted to try taking one instant photo with it a day. Thankfully, I just got a bunch of new film in the mail from TIP … yes, I may have gone just a smidge overboard, but one of those packs is actually for my best friend who is also playing around with instant photography (which makes me sooooo very happy!!!!!) 

(The camera straps are from Photojojo and of course, every Photojojo order comes packaged with one Rawr! This one fits on top of my laptop.)


So, I have two instant photos to post for today. I really couldn’t pick between the two, and I don’t know yet if this will stick as a 365 project yet or not, but here’s a start.
Play a song

That’s all I have for now.
Until next time,