Jes Lee

New things

The No Coast Craft-o-Rama festival on Saturday was a success! We sold a decent amount of pottery, and I actually managed to sell a few cards. It was a hot, humid day, but we survived.

I have been trying to blog everyday, but have failed recently. Mostly, it is because I have been getting too run down and starting to get sick…same old drill, different day. I started antibiotics today, and have started feeling better…hopefully they keep working. (And no, I have not mentioned to many people that I haven’t been feeling well. I don’t always.)

I have more photos and journal pages to upload! I have really been enjoying this project! Of course there have been a few issues with the servers Mr. FN has me working off of, and the photo uploader bit is apparently on strike right now….but trust me! They are cool, and they are coming soon!

Today while laying on the couch I did manage to change my shop a big. There are now 5 items listed for sale. Those will change every couple of weeks most likely. I will post links and tweet whenever things will be updated. Why am I changing this? I adore Big Cartel and having a shop through them. Before, I was paying a monthly fee to be able to have so many pieces listed….but I wasn’t selling anything. Yeah, I know. Art is hard work to sell. So instead of keeping up the monthly payments that weren’t really getting paid for easily, I went back to a free plan. That plan allows me 5 items. I will see how it goes for awhile. Maybe things will turn around and I will change it again. Big Cartel makes that very easy, so I’m not worried. I wish with all my heart that people bought more art. I would love to do a survey and ask people why they don’t. When you are at a large art festival, why do you choose one item over another? Functional over decorative? I’m curious – not bitter! Just curious.

Lastly, I finally made a new web shop for the pottery! Same kind of thing: there are 5 items listed and they will change every couple of weeks.

And with that, I am done working for the day.

Good night!