And this is why I f~€*|^g shoot film

There is a particular feeling of dread you feel when you are trying to pull important photos and movies off of your smart phone and see the error message. That one that your phone flashes at you, gently telling you that your memory card sucks and you are therefore screwed.
Yes, it stinks. Really stinks. Yes, there were things I didn’t even have a chance to back up. No, it isn’t really the end of the world.


Of course, my first reaction is to spout off that this is why I shoot film, that film doesn’t just die like that without warning. Which of course is not true. (You just quite often never see the film images that don’t work out. Digital and being able to see things right away and know how awesome they are only to not be able to use them is just cruel.) Film can be a very harsh mistress too, but after having worked with it for so long, I feel like I know it better, know its nuances. I trust it. That feeling is really what keeps me shooting with film so much in the first place…what will keep me shooting with it in the future. My cell phone 365 almost ended tonight. The image in this post is not the one I intended for today, but, it will work. In the mean time, perhaps someone at The Nerdery will be able to resurrect my sd card tomorrow. Maybe not. Life goes on.

Until next time,