Another studio day and new attitudes

Yes, I have another studio day today, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. After realizing that my upcoming show carries a bit more pressure with it (good pressure really!), I need to focus this new found nervous energy and get started! I honestly planned a much longer blog post for today, but never mind. That will have to wait! On to my studio!

First though, a bit about the weekend:

Friday during a short photo walk I found that my Sx-70 was on the fritz. Not knowing if it was just a few bad film packs, or the camera itself, I took out my little Sx70 One Step box cam for the weekend to test the film packs again. I headed out with Mr. FN to North Branch to find new jeans at the outlet mall, and a few deserted country roads to drive on. There were many stops for photo opportunities! Happily, all of the film packs worked, and upon arriving home and fiddling with my beloved folding Sx-70 a bit more, it started working. In fact, it now works better than it has since before I dropped it in Hawai’i! Amazing!

sx70 1 step007One of the many photos from our drive. I love being out in the middle of no where, out side of the city, and seeing these power lines run through the landscape and disappear into the distance. I can’t explain it, but I love this. I have a few more photos like this, but they will be posted later.

Also, ‘List it Tuesday’ is back! Check out Artsyville’s blog and participate! My list will be up later this week – promise :)

And if you have found my little blog from Lynn’s wonderful post, welcome! I am excited that I helped inspire her to try a 365 project! You can find me on Flickr as well – I’m Jes Lee Photos. And my latest 365 project is on Flickr as well right here!

And with that, I am off! Until next time!


Instant fall photos

There has been a lot of quiet contemplation around here, which has led to me writing a lot more privately and a bit less here. There has also been a lot of catching up of things I had to set aside while I was getting work done for deadlines that came up way too fast. So, while I have been working hard, it hasn’t all been very blog worthy! Hopefully that will change soon.

Tonight! Tuesday, October 9th 6-9pm, is the Fine Books and Fine Wine celebration at Minnesota Center for Book Arts! My series of Seasons books will be on display along with many other amazing pieces! I love this event. It isn’t often you can find so many artist books out where you can actually look at and touch them! If you have ever thought of starting to collect artist books, this is the event that will answer all of your questions! I’m super excited for it, and I will definitely be there tonight! (Not to mention I will be doing some photo documenting for MCBA while I am there).

Next Friday night is the opening reception for my show at The Larson Art Gallery on the St. Paul University of Minnesota campus! I am so excited for this. The work is almost done. . . I am finishing up the last piece today. The reception is from 6-8pm. I hope you can make it! This will also be my last gallery show until later next year, which makes it just a little bit bigger and a little bit more exciting.

In the mean time, I have still been practicing with my Sx-70 and the new color protection film from The Impossible Project. This is really such lovely film! It takes a bit of camera adjusting, but I am starting to get the hang of it. And experimenting is always so much fun anyway!

There will be more updates soon. For now, I’m off to ink up my printing press.

Fall colors at Tamarack Nature Center, White Bear Lake, MN

Tall grass at Tamarack Nature Center, White Bear Lake, MN

A huge sculpture of a frog made out of all sorts of materials at Tamarack Nature Center, White Bear Lake, MN