Jes Lee

Made Here!!

I have been waiting to be able to announce this!

I had a proposal accepted for the Made Here INTERSEC+IONS exhibition taking place this summer in empty store fronts along Hennepin Avenue. Starting later in May, four of my images will be printed (very very large!) and displayed in four of the windows in the second floor of the old National Camera building at 930 Hennepin Avenue.

This is huge! I am beyond thrilled that I get to be part of this, participating with so many other talented artists and groups….I am shocked!

I have sooooooo much work ahead of me this month to prepare… But it will be so amazing and worth it!

Stick around, I will post many in-progress reports of how things are going with preparations, on top of my regular-semi-daily updates.

And save the date! June 3rd, 7-9pm is the big public launch party for the exhibition with a tour of all the installations!

I’m pretty certain this will be one of the images I have in this installation….it is one of my favorites….


Just a little “Squee-ing”

I have had about 8 different blog posts planned out.

You may see some of them eventually.

In the mean time, this little bit of brain-gear-stripping news trumps those posts.

Yesterday when I went into MCBA's shop to buy more paper (I think I may now be purchasing more film and paper than food) I found out from Flora (she is awesome and works in the shop a lot) that one of my books was purchased by the Hennepin County Library curator for their collection!!

This is awesome because:
1. I never knew the Hennepin County Library had a collection of artist books. They do. Apparently quite a large one. I believe you need to make an appointment to see it, but I am not positive. There will be details posted on that as soon as I get them!

2. Someone purchased one of my books!!

3. It is just awesome!

Thank you for allowing me that little moment of "Squee-ing"  with excitement over this. I am now going to go back to creating artwork for all of the other events that are coming up that require my attention. There will be more posting here too. I also may actually get some images of my book up on my website soon as well.

One last little note:
Yes, I did re-design my blog a bit. Any comments are very welcome. It still needs a bit of tweaking, but overall, this is how it will be for awhile. Changes to my Big Cartel shop page are coming soon. Eventually, my webmaster may find a smidge of time and work on some awesome changes I have planned for my website. I hate nagging him. (It wouldn't hurt though, my dear readers, if you were to feel inclined to send him a short email saying "hey, you should work on Jes' website!" or something like that. I won't post his email address here, most of you know it already I'm sure).

Until next time,